Need another Pallet Project??????


I have 3 separate little pastures for my goats. They are approximately 30’x40′.  I also have 2 bucks. After one day, the two of them had practically destroyed the wire fence  that separated the two areas, butting each other. So this is what I hope will save my fence. I sandwiched the wire fencing between pallets, by lining them on both sides and tying them together. Super easy as well. I did it by myself. 🙂

Butt Away Boys

IMG_3238[1]                     IMG_3239[1]

Nanny, Nanny, How does your garden grow? Ummmmmm….

Nanny, Nanny, How does your garden grow? Ummmmmm….

As I have written in previous post, we are starting our Homestead from scratch. I had a much larger place before that only consisted of Horses, goats & a few chickens. (All pets) A lot of knowledge was gained that I use today. But we are flying by the seat of our pants here.

With that being said, let first say…..I am not a gardener. I have trouble keeping a houseplant alive. So we are planting seeds and doing a LOT of praying. But here is what we have done.

We love coffee!!!!!! And I love my keurig coffee maker. I have always hated throwing the cups away. So I have been saving them.


Believe me there are MORE!! We love coffee.

So I cut off the top and empty the coffee grounds, which I save. I will use it in soap as an exfoliator at a later date.

The K-cup already has a drain hole in it. So it is perfect.



Did I mention we love coffee?



My grandson helped me plant our seeds in the K-cups and we set them in a pallet and covered with an old window. Greenhouse!!






We did sow some of our seeds in the pallets, that will be able to stand a small frost. I have some more old windows and plan on covering the other pallets. The result of our planting is yet to be seen, but the important part of the day was Making Memories with my grandson.

Busy Time Here AT The Happy Nanny Farm…

We have been working so hard here to get our little homestead going. The chicken coop is almost finished. And we have one hen….she was a freebie. We are looking for roommates for her and we set 30 eggs in the incubator last night. We have also added three rabbits to our farm, started preparing our garden and the last of my goats delivered twins yesterday. Thing are happily hectic here.


We added some picket fencing around the chicken yard, and inside you can see our hen….Aimee Rose.



Our incubator with a mix of Ameraucana’s & Black Copper Maran eggs.



Clover, our buck Lionhead rabbit.


The new twins. Both boys.

The Boys

Happy at The Happy Nanny Farm!

Waste Not…Want Not….I hope.


My goats waste soooo much hay. I have been looking around for hayracks to put in their stalls to not only keep the hay off the ground, but dry as well. What I have found are very expensive (I’m trying to save money here!) and quite large. I got inventive. These are actually Hanging Baskets for flowers.  They work!!!! ( for now) And they were only $4.99.

I forgot to take a before picture, so here is a similar one.


Here is what I did with it.


Chicken Coop Before The Chickens??? So unlike me…..

Yes it is true…..I actually have the coop before the chickens. What is wrong with me? Actually, it is only because I haven’t picked any chickens yet. Or maybe they will pick me. I am finding, like goats, many folks only want to sell their roosters. Which I do want & need. But I am so overwhelmed by the different breeds of chickens, it’s hard  to settle. But regardless, my sweetie worked on the coop all day and we just have a few finishing touches to add. I bought the coop, premade, from a very nice man in a nearby town. It is soooo cute!!!!!! And we could not have built it for the price I paid…..a steal.

Finishing Touches

*finish the outside door
*put tin on the roof
*vinyl on the inside floor
*paint the outside boards & platform
*build & paint picket fence along the bottom.

*eventually and a light and an automatic coop opener
*Oh, and fill it with beautiful chickens!!!!!

Here are a few pictures.