Best Friends

My best friend, who also homesteads, calls and says “Did you see the goat herd sale on Craigslist?” Of course I hadn’t. But I immediately logged on and found the post. Post read…..Herd Reduction, 2 Nigerian Dwarf Bucks, 1 heavy breed doe, 1 heavy breed Pygerian Dwarf, 1 young Nigerian Dwarf Doe, and 1 Full Size Spanish Buck. So we called. All or nothing. “I’ll take them” The Spanish goat went home with my Bestie and now I have a HERD of goats, with more (babies!!!) on the way. You met Callie in the previous post. Meet the rest of the gang.

Maybelline (Breed Nigerian Dwarf Doe)
‘\ IMG_3050

Gretta (Breed Pygerian Dwarf Doe)

Cosmo (Nigerian Dwarf & Sire to Maybelline & Gretta’s babies)

Cowboy (Nigerian Dwarf Buck)

Sofia (Nigerian Dwarf Doe)

So now we put up MORE fence!!! Things are getting pretty interesting around here.


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