Off We Go!!!!

So two and half weeks ago, I woke with a plan, well sort of. First thought ” I want to homestead. I want goats and chickens and rabbits and a garden!”. Second thought ” Can I do that in my backyard? What will my neighbors think?”. (I live in a rural community, however I do have neighbors on both sides.) Third thought “Sure I can! I’ll give the neighbors fresh eggs & soap made with my goat milk. You know butter them up.”. Two things you will learn about me.  I am impulsive and I change my mind, ALOT.

So I found two goats for sale. A doe and a buck. I was told by the owners they were friendly and they just didn’t have time for them anymore. My fiancé ( who, by the way is the most wonderful, understanding man in the world) and I loaded up in the truck and drove down to Florida to buy our first goats. Well, their statement of not having time for them was not exaggerated.  We didn’t just buy these goats, we rescued them. (Another story) So like many times in my life, I bought the cart, before the horse. Or more accurately, the goats before the fence. “They are beautiful and they needed me to take care of them.” I said. We stopped on the way home and bought t-post and a roll of fence. By now it is 2:00 in the afternoon and I’m thinking “how are we going to get a fence up before dark?”. Well we did!! And we had two goats. Two goats that would run from us and not even eat out of our hands. “But they are beautiful and they needed me.” I said…..again.  The  doe has warmed up to human contact and I have sold the buck to a very nice lady. Another story. So please say hello to Callie. Our Lamancha/Nigerian breed doe.



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