Chicken Coop Before The Chickens??? So unlike me…..

Yes it is true…..I actually have the coop before the chickens. What is wrong with me? Actually, it is only because I haven’t picked any chickens yet. Or maybe they will pick me. I am finding, like goats, many folks only want to sell their roosters. Which I do want & need. But I am so overwhelmed by the different breeds of chickens, it’s hard  to settle. But regardless, my sweetie worked on the coop all day and we just have a few finishing touches to add. I bought the coop, premade, from a very nice man in a nearby town. It is soooo cute!!!!!! And we could not have built it for the price I paid…..a steal.

Finishing Touches

*finish the outside door
*put tin on the roof
*vinyl on the inside floor
*paint the outside boards & platform
*build & paint picket fence along the bottom.

*eventually and a light and an automatic coop opener
*Oh, and fill it with beautiful chickens!!!!!

Here are a few pictures.







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