Nanny, Nanny, How does your garden grow? Ummmmmm….

As I have written in previous post, we are starting our Homestead from scratch. I had a much larger place before that only consisted of Horses, goats & a few chickens. (All pets) A lot of knowledge was gained that I use today. But we are flying by the seat of our pants here.

With that being said, let first say…..I am not a gardener. I have trouble keeping a houseplant alive. So we are planting seeds and doing a LOT of praying. But here is what we have done.

We love coffee!!!!!! And I love my keurig coffee maker. I have always hated throwing the cups away. So I have been saving them.


Believe me there are MORE!! We love coffee.

So I cut off the top and empty the coffee grounds, which I save. I will use it in soap as an exfoliator at a later date.

The K-cup already has a drain hole in it. So it is perfect.



Did I mention we love coffee?



My grandson helped me plant our seeds in the K-cups and we set them in a pallet and covered with an old window. Greenhouse!!






We did sow some of our seeds in the pallets, that will be able to stand a small frost. I have some more old windows and plan on covering the other pallets. The result of our planting is yet to be seen, but the important part of the day was Making Memories with my grandson.


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