Need another Pallet Project??????


I have 3 separate little pastures for my goats. They are approximately 30’x40′.  I also have 2 bucks. After one day, the two of them had practically destroyed the wire fence  that separated the two areas, butting each other. So this is what I hope will save my fence. I sandwiched the wire fencing between pallets, by lining them on both sides and tying them together. Super easy as well. I did it by myself. 🙂

Butt Away Boys

IMG_3238[1]                     IMG_3239[1]


Just in Time!!!!

After some rearranging ( of goats), everyone has settled into their new digs (goat pens). And just in time. The first of the 2014 babies arrived. I had been getting up early for about four days, checking on my does. Finally……Sunday morning Callie had delivered a kid. IT’S A GIRL!!!!! She is beautiful. We named her Faline. Momma and baby are doing great.


As the day progress, I noticed Maybelline was baahing  a lot and appeared needy. We continued watching her as we did our chores. At about 9:00pm my fiancé went out to check on her and she had delivered a kidd. IT”S ANOTHER GIRL!!!!! I could not be happier. She is the cutest thing. We named her Derby. She looks like she has skates, knee & elbow  pads, and a dark mouth piece. She is super sweet.


So things are moving along here at The Happy Nanny Farm.  This Nanny is making plans for my Chicken Coop and my Garden, and the grandbabies are loving the goat babies.  Oh……. we are still waiting on Gretta to kidd any day now.

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