Just in Time!!!!

After some rearranging ( of goats), everyone has settled into their new digs (goat pens). And just in time. The first of the 2014 babies arrived. I had been getting up early for about four days, checking on my does. Finally……Sunday morning Callie had delivered a kid. IT’S A GIRL!!!!! She is beautiful. We named her Faline. Momma and baby are doing great.


As the day progress, I noticed Maybelline was baahing  a lot and appeared needy. We continued watching her as we did our chores. At about 9:00pm my fiancé went out to check on her and she had delivered a kidd. IT”S ANOTHER GIRL!!!!! I could not be happier. She is the cutest thing. We named her Derby. She looks like she has skates, knee & elbow  pads, and a dark mouth piece. She is super sweet.


So things are moving along here at The Happy Nanny Farm.  This Nanny is making plans for my Chicken Coop and my Garden, and the grandbabies are loving the goat babies.  Oh……. we are still waiting on Gretta to kidd any day now.

1798787_10201976484667703_1614235711_n-1                      1557516_10201914635641516_674959890_n-1


Fencing……not the sport.

We have been putting the plan in action. We spent Saturday, Sunday, Monday and a good part of Tuesday fencing little pastures for the goats and building shelters. Three fences and two shelters ( I had one already that we are going to re do at a later date) . The pastured are approximately 30×40 and they look great. We used pallets to make the stall walls. Thanks to my sweet fiancé and my daughters for all their hard work. Here is the progress so far.


We rented an auger, which was worth every penny.


We had these fabulous boards and bought the gate kits at Lowes. I love them!


My goat pens make an “L” shape.


Everything is coming together and the goats are settled and Happy.


Best Friends

My best friend, who also homesteads, calls and says “Did you see the goat herd sale on Craigslist?” Of course I hadn’t. But I immediately logged on and found the post. Post read…..Herd Reduction, 2 Nigerian Dwarf Bucks, 1 heavy breed doe, 1 heavy breed Pygerian Dwarf, 1 young Nigerian Dwarf Doe, and 1 Full Size Spanish Buck. So we called. All or nothing. “I’ll take them” The Spanish goat went home with my Bestie and now I have a HERD of goats, with more (babies!!!) on the way. You met Callie in the previous post. Meet the rest of the gang.

Maybelline (Breed Nigerian Dwarf Doe)
‘\ IMG_3050

Gretta (Breed Pygerian Dwarf Doe)

Cosmo (Nigerian Dwarf & Sire to Maybelline & Gretta’s babies)

Cowboy (Nigerian Dwarf Buck)

Sofia (Nigerian Dwarf Doe)

So now we put up MORE fence!!! Things are getting pretty interesting around here.

Off We Go!!!!

So two and half weeks ago, I woke with a plan, well sort of. First thought ” I want to homestead. I want goats and chickens and rabbits and a garden!”. Second thought ” Can I do that in my backyard? What will my neighbors think?”. (I live in a rural community, however I do have neighbors on both sides.) Third thought “Sure I can! I’ll give the neighbors fresh eggs & soap made with my goat milk. You know butter them up.”. Two things you will learn about me.  I am impulsive and I change my mind, ALOT.

So I found two goats for sale. A doe and a buck. I was told by the owners they were friendly and they just didn’t have time for them anymore. My fiancé ( who, by the way is the most wonderful, understanding man in the world) and I loaded up in the truck and drove down to Florida to buy our first goats. Well, their statement of not having time for them was not exaggerated.  We didn’t just buy these goats, we rescued them. (Another story) So like many times in my life, I bought the cart, before the horse. Or more accurately, the goats before the fence. “They are beautiful and they needed me to take care of them.” I said. We stopped on the way home and bought t-post and a roll of fence. By now it is 2:00 in the afternoon and I’m thinking “how are we going to get a fence up before dark?”. Well we did!! And we had two goats. Two goats that would run from us and not even eat out of our hands. “But they are beautiful and they needed me.” I said…..again.  The  doe has warmed up to human contact and I have sold the buck to a very nice lady. Another story. So please say hello to Callie. Our Lamancha/Nigerian breed doe.